RED HILL Postcode (QLD)

Red Hill is a suburb of Brisbane, Queensland and is about 3 kms northwest of QLD's capital city of Brisbane. In the 2011 Australian census the population of Red Hill was 253 when there were 123 Females and 130 Males living there. The median age for people living in Red Hill was 32. Want to know more about Red Hill?

Red Hill





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Red Hill LPO

2 Windsor Road

Red Hill, 4059

  • Similar named locations
    Red Hill (ACT) 2603 is 951 kms south-southwest.
    Red Hill (NSW) 2347 is 405 kms southwest.
    Red Hill Rockhampton (QLD) 4701 is 518 kms north-northwest.
    Red Hills (TAS) 7304 is 1671 kms south-southwest.
    Red Hill (VIC) 3937 is 1423 kms south-southwest.
    Red Hill South (VIC) 3937 is 1424 kms south-southwest.
    Red Hill (WA) 6056 is 3587 kms west-southwest.
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